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Bryce on Aermotor with autumn colors

Bryce Black
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Restoration of Water Pumping Windmills

Water System Design and Consultation

Since 1981

LoTec Windmill Service is a family business located in rural Pepin County in western Wisconsin.

We sell new and reconditioned Aermotor windmills, and can repair and maintain most makes of windmill. We can take down, move, rebuild and erect a windmill you own or purchase from another party. We have on hand or can access all parts for the original model 602 and 702 Aermotor brand windmills and Monitor W-series mills. (Parts for other makes and models may have to be scrounged or manufactured from scratch.)

Our goal is to provide the customer with a safe, functional, aesthetically pleasing windmill that will provide many years of service and enjoyment. Cost to repair/recondition your machine depends on the mill’s condition, which can vary greatly. Providing an estimate for a particular repair job requires a detailed inspection of all windmill components.

Appropriate size for a windmill wheel/motor depends on how hard the mill has to work. This depends both on the depth from which water is being pumped and the diameter of the cylinder.

Appropriate height for the tower depends on the site and terrain. 40′ is average in our area. Sites close to trees or buildings may require a higher tower for efficient operation. Aermotor recommends that for optimal wind exposure, the wheel should be fifteen feet above all obstructions within 400 feet.

Click here for current pricing. We charge the same price for a windmill for decorative purposes as for a mill that actually pumps water.

Link to an article by Bryce Black: Not Rocket Science: Windmills Then and Now.

Bryce on an 8' Aermotor

Bryce on an 8' Aermotor