LoTec Windmill Service: 2014 Prices

Aermotor Windmill Head
Includes Motor, Wheel, Tail, Mast Pipe, Brake/Furl Mechanisms. Prices subject to change without notice. Freight charges may be added. Call or email for current prices.

Size LoTec Reconditioned New
X—6′ wheel $2300 Aermotor $2880
A—8′ wheel $2400 Aermotor $2980
B–10′ wheel $3450 Aermotor $4350
D–12′ wheel $4600 Aermotor $7320
We usually have on hand three and four leg reconditioned towers, in 30′ to 50′ heights, priced from $1000 up. ┬áNew towers available; contact us for prices.
Installation service
is available. Costs vary depending on size of mill, travel distance, site conditions, crew accommodations, and how much assistance the customer provides. Installation of footings, tower, and windmill may take from two to four days. Contact us for an estimate.