Sheer Caffeine
Bryce & Yata
  1. Windmill Baby 2:58
  2. Mad Cow 4:07
  3. Baler Twine 3:41
  4. Paragon NOT 3:15
  5. Sheer Caffeine 4:40
  6. Stone Goose 2:27
  7. Loving the Questions 5:08
  8. What I Need 3:48
  9. Burnin’ a Hole 3:03
  10. Chickens 1:30
  11. Tend Yer Bones 3:46
  12. River 3:43
  13. Bucolic Splendor 4:04

Total Time: 42:15

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Release their long-brewing first CD,

Sheer Caffeine.

“If you can’t get up a head of steam… you’re gonna have to make it on sheer caffeine.”

That’s a line that Wisconsin songwriter Bryce Black says popped into his groggy brain “real early one morning” years ago, as he was desparately trying to wake up and rush off to his day job. Fortunately, that line stuck in his head and started percolating. Eventually it was brewed up into Sheer Caffeine, the energizing title cut on the eagerly awaited first recording recently released by Bryce and his long-time neighbor, friend and collaborator, Yata Peinovich.

Bryce & Yata’s new release is crammed with 13 witty and thought-provoking original songs. They range from wicked social satire and irreverent whimsy, to the profound, heartfelt meditation “Loving the Questions.”

One of the funniest songs on the album, “Mad Cow,” (a moooving invitation to “express your inner bovine”) won First Prize in the Folk Song Competition at the 2004 Upper Midwest Organic Farming Conference.

Bryce’s rich bass voice is perfectly offset by Yata’s deft vocal harmonies and irresistible jazz/rock/reggae/blues flavored rhythm guitar work. Yata has performed on A Prairie Home Companion and was a member of Minneapolis trio Artesian Dreams (recipient of a Minnesota Music Association award for Best Folk Band).

This album was produced by Bruce Hecksel of the nationally known “Fast Forward Folk” duo Patchouli. Bruce is a man of many talents, who variously adds lead guitar, bass, banjo, keyboards, marimba, and a broad spectrum of percussion to these eclectic, imaginative folk/acoustic arrangements.