© 2008 Bryce Black


I spent a lifetime thirstin’
searchin’ for the river’s source
cursin’ fought the current
all upstream my course
and when I found that spring
with tremblin’ hand I filled the cup
Then the rain began and I looked up

Now the river is my lover
her every mood I long to know
Ripplin’ of her laughter
the silence deep below
She might be just a trickle
of precious bitter tears
a muddy flood, or runnin’ sweet and clear

And when my heart is achin’
and I can’t find a friend
her current will be takin’
me round another bend

The river is my mother
her waters ever giving birth
to all who drink or swim or sink
their roots into the earth
and every drop that pulses
in my veins must one day go
to mingle with her ceaseless flow