Windmill Baby

Windmill Baby

© 2008 Bryce Black


Momma and baby Christopher
were out in the yard
They were hanging the wash
and weeding the squash
and working mighty hard
Momma had to run to the outhouse
she said, “Baby I’ll be right back”
But the boy set off up the hill at a crawl
as soon as she turned her back, her back,
as soon as she turned her back.

Momma was back in the blink of an eye
but the boy was nowhere in sight.
She searched all over low and high
when she found him it gave her
a terrible fright
At first she couldn’t speak
then she started to shriek
“Christopher Black, get down!”
He was sittin’ up there on the windmill platform
watchin’ that wheel spin around and round
just a-watchin’ that wheel spin round


He’s a born windmill baby
a natural windmill boy
He can climb up any tower
he’s his Pappy’s pride and joy
He got a tail like a monkey
and a Vise Grip in each hand
He’ll be a wind-spinnin’, water-pumpin’
bona fide windmill man oh man
a bona fide windmill man]

Papa rolled up in his pickup truck
he was tired and mighty beat
Momma said, “If yer hungry yer outa luck
You got a job to do before you can eat.”
We got a baby who’s been climbin’
on the windmill tower
ya gotta build us a fence this very hour.”
“Ah, don’t be a fool, Ma
he’s learnin wind power
so he can take my place when I’m obsolete
He’ll be a windmill baby complete”